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TowFLEXX TF2 – up to 4,000kg MTOW

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  • For aircraft up to 4,000 kg / 8,800 lbs take-off weight (MTOW)
  • Manual wheel adjustment
  • Many adapters for most aircraft in the weight class
  • Battery life: approx. 3km (under full load)
  • Removable battery (33Ah)
  • GPU connection option (not intended for starting the engines)
  • LED headlights
  • Status LED

Welcome to the TowFLEXX TF2 aircraft tow tractor, the ultimate companion for aircraft owners and airfield operators! The TowFLEXX TF2 was developed to make towing aircraft safer, easier and more efficient than ever before. The TF2 is the big brother of the TF1, but with more power. The basic features of both devices are identical.


  1. Robust construction: The TowFLEXX TF2 is made of high-quality materials to ensure a long service life and reliability. With its robust design, it is suitable for use in a variety of environments.
  2. Powerful motor: Equipped with a powerful 400W electric motor, the TF2 provides the power required to move aircraft with ease.
  3. Simple operation: Thanks to its simple controls, the TowFLEXX TF2 can be operated safely by just one person. The ergonomically designed controls enable precise control and maneuverability.
  4. Versatility: The TF2 is suitable for a wide range of aircraft types! It is an indispensable tool for aircraft owners, flight schools and airfield operators. For the small aircraft sector, there is a suitable adapter for almost every type of aircraft.
  5. Space-saving design: With its compact and space-saving design, the TF2 is easy to store and transport. It takes up little space and is therefore ideal for airfields with limited space.

Why choose TowFLEXX TF2?

  • Safety comes first: electric assistance instead of muscle power. Do not risk injury or concentration before the flight due to excessive physical exertion.
  • Time and cost efficient: You save time and money by reducing drag times and the need for less manual effort.
  • Reliable performance: The TowFLEXX TF2 is designed to meet the demanding requirements of aerotowing and offers reliable performance you can count on.

Aircraft in use with the TF2 (excerpt):

NOTE: In addition to the following list, the TF2 can also be used to tow all aircraft listed as examples for the TF1!

Britten Norman BN2
Bonanza B33-36
Beechcraft Duke 60
Cessna Crusader C303T
Cessna Caravan 208
Cessna P210
Cessna C206
Cessna Corvalis 350, 400
Cirrus SR22
Diamond DA42, DA62
Max Holste MH1521
Partenavia P68
Piaggio FWP 149D
Piper PA30 Twin Comanche
Piper PA31 Cheyenne
Piper PA34 (Seneca)
Piper PA46 (Malibu, Mirage, Meridian)
Piper PA60 AeroStar
Piper M350
Vulcanair P68
Yakovlev YAK11

…and many more!

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 800 × 600 × 500 cm

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