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Battery charger for TF1 & TF2


Battery charger for TF1 and TF2

  • Intelligent charging electronics
  • Stops the charging process as soon as the batteries are fully charged
  • with XLR plug

* For older towing devices that are still equipped with a hollow plug, there is an additional adapter!

Battery charger for TowFLEXX TF1 and TF2

Battery charger for TowFLEXX TF1 or TF2. This intelligent charger is specially designed for use with the TowFLEXX TF1 and TF2 towing systems and has an XLR connection for a secure and stable connection.

Intelligent charging circuit: The heart of this charger is its intelligent circuit, which automatically stops the charging process as soon as the battery is fully charged. This function protects your battery from overcharging and thus extends its service life and performance.

Efficient charging: Optimized charging electronics ensure that your battery is charged quickly and efficiently, so your TowFLEXX TF1 or TF2 is always ready to go when you need it.

Easy to use: The charger is designed to be user-friendly and can be easily connected to the battery box of your towing device. The robust XLR plug ensures a secure connection without loose contacts or interruptions during the charging process.

NOTE: Some old Schleppmaxxe devices still have charging sockets with hollow plugs. You can use this charger for the old towing devices, but you will also need an adapter.

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