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Off-road tire kit for TF1 and TF2


Off-road tire kit for TF1 and TF2

  • consisting of two off-road tires
  • incl. Steel rim
  • Improving traction
  • pre-assembled

All-terrain tire kit for TowFLEXX TF1 and TF2

Increase the mobility and flexibility of your TowFLEXX TF1 or TF2 with the all-terrain tire kit. This set includes two high-quality tires with robust off-road treads mounted on durable steel rims. Ideal for use on uneven surfaces and in demanding environments.

Optimal performance on any terrain: The all-terrain tires offer excellent traction and stability on various surfaces, from grassy areas to unpaved paths. This enables safe maneuvering of your TowFLEXX tug even under difficult conditions.

Easy installation: The all-terrain tire kit is designed to be easily installed on your TF1 or TF2 without special tools or extensive knowledge. The steel rims ensure safe and quick installation.

FAQ: Why is the individual kit more expensive than configuring a new device and selecting off-road tires? Answer: When configuring a new device, only the surcharge for the off-road tires is calculated, as the costs for the standard tires are deducted. When purchasing a single kit as a retrofit, the tires must be purchased separately, without being offset against the standard tires, which explains the higher cost.

NOTE: The off-road tires for the TowFLEXX TF1 and TF2 provide additional traction, but have their limits, for example on very wet lawns or other ground conditions that cause more resistance.

Weight 6 kg

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